Options is a bi-annual magazine communicating the latest research from the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis.

Created as one of IIASA’s in-house publications, the magazines curated content complements its sleek visual presentation, with the aim to feature new and exciting initiatives in global systems analysis while communicating international developments for a non-specialist audience.

©IIASA. More information can be found here: www.iiasa.ac.at/options

BRIEF: To create a new template for the magazine that is modern, sleek and coherent whilst staying faithful to the original page and word counts. The audience of Options is broad; the aim was to create a magazine that doesn’t cater to a particular demographic.

Editorial design

RESEARCH: My process began by exploring current trends in editorial and how other magazines in the field of systems analysis and general science are communicating their research. I also delved into the archives dating back to 1977 to find elements of the original magazine that we could incorporate into the new design, staying true to IIASA’s history.

DESIGN: Exploration of typefaces was my primary concern. One of the aims of Options is to communicate complex research in a easily digestible way, this made choosing legible and clean typefaces paramount.

My focus was on implementing slab-serif typefaces to align Options with internationally reknowned magazines and to communicate a modern and professional character. Working with placeholder text based on the original word counts allowed me to easily implement a typical 12 column grid, a 9pt copy font size and a baseline leading of 12pt to allow the tall x-height of each letter/sentence to feel open and legible.

Once content had been prepared it was also my responsibilty to set the articles into their alloted sections and art direct each piece by either finding stock imagery or designing spreads from scratch including the geometric cover feature illustration.

Cover feature 1

Cover feature 2

Feature 1

Feature 2

Cover feature – animated cover for social media promotion.

News in brief


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