Design of a 2 new websites to entice coding in schools

Projects designed whilst working at
The Developers Society

micro:bit desktop and mobile website design


CONCEPT: micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun. Using micro:bit’s pre-existing brand guidelines. I designed a interactive website that conceptually takes students from Earth into space to “code the future – any possibility is a reality”.

© Micro:bit Educational Foundation
python in education desktop and mobile website design

Python in education

CONCEPT: Python in Education is an expansion to teaching students to code using Python. Learn with tutorials, teach with fun and tested resources, and begin building using open-source code to create a variety of projects for all learning levels. PiE was designed with Monty Python in mind.

© The Python Software Foundation.


Landing page for micro:bit using planets as navigation
microbit tutorials page, learn to code
Celebrations, a place to see what others have done using microbit
Events around the country to see, learn and play using microbit

Illustrations for micro:bit

A selection of space themed illustrations

python in education

Single page design

Single page website to offer information and resources for Python in Education
Style sheet

Style sheet of designed blocks, when combined these blocks can be used to construct additional pages

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